Libbi Fletcher joined the BVL Board in July 2012 as one of BVL’s most successful local fund-raisers. Libbi has made a name for herself promoting and supporting BVL in the Detroit area.

Libbi had served nationally with WIBC for four years prior to the merger and five years under the USBC umbrella. She was the first President of Metro Detroit USBC (MDUSBC) during the time period when four area associations merged to create MDUSBC, the largest local association in USBC.

When not volunteering in the sport she loves and bowling in two leagues, Libbi works in information technology, currently employed by I.T. solution provider Logicalis.

Reflecting on her thoughts about BVL, Libbi commented, “My father served in the Army during the Korean Conflict, so I have a personal interest in our service men and women. In addition though, all Americans enjoy the freedoms and liberty provided by these men and women… and I am happy to be able to give something back to say THANK YOU! BVL provides amazing services to our men and women in our VA hospitals, and it’s critical that our sport works to maintain our mission.”