Sample Fundraising Materials

Download a high-resolution copy of our new series of Public Service Announcements.  They are available in both color and black and white and in a variety of sizes.

BVL’s 75th 2.125×1.375 Logo Ad hires   BVL’s 75th 3.5×2 Logo Ad hires


LoResBVL75th 5×7 Hospital lores   LoResBVL75th 5×7 Nightengale   LoResBVL75th 5×7 Truman

HiResBVL75th 5x14BNN C Hospital HiResBVL75th 5x14BNN C Nightengale HiResBVL75th_5x14BNN_C Truman

HiResBVL75th 5x7BNN C Hospital   HiResBVL75th 5x7BNN C Nightengale HiResBVL75th_5x7BNN_C Truman

HiResBVL7th 5x14BNN BW Hospital  HiResBVL75th_5x14BNN_BW Nightengale HiResBVL75th_5x14BNN_BW Truman

HiResBVL75th 5x7BNN BW Hospital  HiResBVL75th_5x7BNN_BWNightengale HiResBVL75th_5x7BNN_BW Truman









BVL_B&W_1-4_OurTroops_hires      BVL_B&W_1-4_OnePromise_hires         BVL_B&W_1-4_Award_hires

BVL_B&W_1col_OurTroops_hires     BVL_B&W_1col_OnePromise_hires       BVL_color_1-4_Award_hires

BVL_color_1-4_OurTroops_hires       BVL_color_1-4_OnePromise_hires



BVL Logo Stickers (3’’ x 6”)  OR sheets of 80 (.5″ x 1.75″)




Vinyl banner (3 ‘ x 5’) with grommets for hanging indoors or out




Poster (18″ x 24″)  featuring the wide range of BVL programs, with white space for including local message






Combined Federal Campaign poster (17″ x 22″) poster









“Re-Creation” CD featuring all of their most popular patriotic tunes








6” x 9” flyer providing a brief overview of BVL and programs for veterans





4’’ x 6’’ fold-out 6 panel brochures detailing the range of BVL programming for veterans. Filled with photos and testimonials from VA staff.





5’’ x 8”  “Bowling Supports America’s Troops” static cling labels.  Perfect for your car window, front door, etc.






“Support The Troops” Silicone Wrist Bands (available in bags of 50)