USBC Associations Honored for BVL Donations

Bowlers from tiny Princeton, Ill., to the mighty Golden State – California – were recognized recently at the USBC Convention in Reno for their dedication to and support of America’s veterans through the sports oldest and most successful charity, BVL, for the 16-17 league season.

BVL leaders presented awards to the five top states and local associations based on their total contributions as well as the top five local association contributions based on a per bowler contribution.

The top state contributors list included some familiar names:

  • California State USBC                                     $113,874.52
  • Michigan State USBC                                      $50,607.05
  • Texas State USBC                                             $45,665.85
  • Arizona State USBC                                         $42,143.50
  • Virginia State USBC                                         $37,294.28

The top local ‘large’ associations for the 16-17 season were:

  • Metro Phoenix USBC                                      $27,070.00
  • Citrus Belt (CA) USBC                                    $16,635.41
  • Metro Detroit USBC                                        $16,405.55
  • Minneapolis USBC                                           $16,250.00
  • Mesa Metropolitan (AZ) USBC                    $15,000.00

The top local ‘small’ associations, based on the total contribution per USBC member:

  • Princeton (IL) USBC WBA                              $32.79/member
  • Yankton (SD) USBC                                          $8.59/member
  • Oroville (CA) USBC                                           $7.85/member
  • Joliet Area (IL) USBC WBA                            $6.35/member
  • Merrimack Valley (MA) USBC WBA             $6.25/member

“At BVL, every dollar counts, we appreciate every single donation – but these awards give us an opportunity to shine a light on some very special efforts undertaken by our BVL volunteers around the country,” explains BVL Executive Director Mary Harrar.  “This shows the huge hearts, that are working hard to help our heroes in need.”

The Metro Phoenix contribution of $27,070.00 was one of the largest local association donations in BVL history.  Metro Phoenix BVL coordinator Dennis Brummitt credits their success to a multi-faceted approach to fund-raising.  “We’re not a ‘one and done’ association…our BVL effort isn’t just concentrated on Veterans Day or the month of November – we’re out there all year long supporting the cause.  We figure that, like my brothers and sisters in arms who served our country, our service men and women didn’t serve for a couple of days or a month; they were in for the long haul. We’re committed to the same.”

The 17-18 BVL fundraising season closes July 31, 2018.  Associations are encouraged to submit their donations well before the closing date to ensure recognition.

Below are our winners being presented with their award by BVL Executive Director Mary Harrar