The Little Fundraiser That Could: Larry’s Lucky Strikes and the Gogebic Iron USBC Tips the Scales for BVL

Just over the Wisconsin boarder in Michigan, and just 18 miles south of Lake Superior, sits the sprawling Metropolis of Ironwood, Michigan.  Once there, you’ll find the expansive mega bowling center known as Larry’s Lucky Strikes.

Okay, the first two facts are correct… but we may have stretched the truth just a little on the second two.

Actually, Ironwood has just 5,000 citizens and Larry’s Lucky Strikes is a tidy 10-lane center.

But don’t let the facts steer you from the truth:  Larry’s Lucky Strikes raised more money for BVL in one day than many do in an entire year.

Thanks to coordinator Joel Bach in a tribute to a friend and a veteran, David Erickson, the “Second Annual David Erickson Memorial 9-Pin Fun Tournament” raised more than $3,400 for BVL and America’s Veterans.

“It was a great end to a great day with our friends for a great cause,” notes Joel. “David would have loved what we doing for our vets.”

Joel reports that the community really got behind the cause, and all three squads were filled with fun.  What’s more, local businesses supported the event by donating many prizes for the associated raffle including gift certificates from businesses and restaurants; fishing and winter snowmobiling gear; and bowling equipment donated by Brunswick Bowling Equipment.

Community members were also able to contribute directly by making a donation to BVL, which were recognized on paper “soldier bowling pins” posted on the wall of the center.

“We had outstanding support from our bowlers and our association – the Gogebic Iron USBC,” says Joel.  “Everyone came together to make this a success.  Special thanks to Larry and Lori Kauppi, and their staff of Larry’s Lucky Strikes, Mick Babich and the Erickson family for all the support in planning this great fundraiser.”

BVL Executive Director Mary Harrar agrees, “This is a shining example of what heart and hustle can do.  If Ironwood can make this big of an impact, just imagine the possibilities!”