August 1, 2017 To Present

From individuals to bowling centers, from Fortune 500 corporations to youth bowling leagues, BVL contributors come from all walks of life and all points on the globe. But wherever they come from, they know their donation is going to make a positive impact on those who have served our county. Whether it is $5.00 or $5,000, your welcome contribution will help us brighten the days and boost the spirits of our recuperating service men and women.

AZTuscon (AZ) Metro USBC$836.95.00
OHFindlay (OH) USBC WBA$75.00
TNChattanooga Area (TN) USBC$1561.07
TNTennessee State (TN) USBC WBA$3466.35
GARecycled Teenagers League$400.00
GARecycled Teenagers League$40.00
MIGreater Holland USBC$857.70
MIRemus USBC BA$50.00
NDFargo-Moorhead USBC BA$1639.00
IAMuscatine USBC$1363.00
INIndiana State USBC WBA$1326.36
NJMorris County USBC$162.5
OHOhio State USBC BA$250.00
CARock & Roll Bowling League$100.00
MIDouble View USBC WBA$146.25
PAEaston Area USBC WBA$100.00
MIBrentwood Ladies Bowling$65.00
NDNorth Dakota State USBC WBA$5000.00
OREmerald Valley USBC Association$1852.05
GASouth Georgia USBC$779.5
MTSojourners League-Fireside Lanes$39.00
MDGolden Oldies Bowling League$23.00
MTSojourners League-Fireside Lanes$25.00
NJMonmouth County USBC$190.00
MIMetro Detroit USBC$25.00
FLHeracanes and Sunrisers$80.00
TNAlcoa Maryville USBC$50.00
NJMonmouth County USBC$100.00
DELower Delaware USBC BA$100.00
VAVirginia State 600 Club$100.00
WIMilwaukee USBC WBA$580.00
NYRochester USBC$5600.00
NEHoldrege USBC$69.00
OHNorth Central Ohio USBC$803.00
MIThree Rivers USBC$30.00
VAMonday Morning Church League$124.50

Center Contributions

TXPlano (TX) Super Bowl$1064.95
NCB & B Bowling Lanes (NC)$600.00
TXPlano (TX) Super Bowl$797.00
MANorth Bowl (MA)$473.00
GAMiracles Cosmic Bowling (GA)$20.00
FLOrange Bowl Lanes$1000.00
INThe Bowling Alley$100.00
TXPlano (TX) Super Bowl$25.00
TXPlano (TX) Super Bowl$95.00
TXPlano (TX) Super Bowl$100.00
WVSouth Branch Potomac Lanes$15.56
WVSouth Branch Potomac Lanes$27.15
TXTexas Bowling Center Association$1465.00
INCrazy Pinz$126.83
WIBardon Bowling Centers$3000.00
PASims Bowling Lanes$30.00
NJEast Coast Bowling Center Convention$60.00
NCB & B Bowling Lanes (NC)$400.00
CACloverleaf Family Bowl$5127.00
MIVista Lanes$417.00
NYRoseland Bowl$210.00
KSMission Bowl$267.00
TX300 Bowl$425.00
WIKing Pin Lanes$300.00
ILPlaza Lanes$200.00
GAWilliam Kratzenberg$300.00


PAIllis Insurance Agency$50.00
IBI Magazine$2,025.00

Personal contributions

TXKielich, Karl$20.00
VTKowalski, William$23.75
CACunningham, John & Norma$10.00
ILPBA Pros (IL)$2,850.00
Smith, Irene$23.75
NYBoyle, Terence$10,000.00
CAJones, Ladine$380.00
ILDaman, Bob & Linda$75.00
WAClayton, Patricia$14.25
Cunningham, John & Norma$10.00
ILBaker, Darlene$100.00
Page, Rhino$151.25
O'Neill, Bill$151.25
TXUnited States Bowling Congress$3,729.35
TXPerry, Paula$25.00
CAJones, Ladine$380.00
Kielich, Karl$20.00
ILDaman, Bob & Linda$75.00
NYPereira, Aubrey$50.00
MIBryans, Patti$100.00
TXMurphy, Chad$950.00
CACunningham, John & Norma$10.00
Kielich, Karl$20.00
CAJones, Ladine$475.00
VTCorley, Richard$10,000.00
NCElizabeth Popowsky$50.00
FLCiniello, Patrick & Alisa$6,000.00
NJMark, Richard$4,750.00
NJFatigati, John$4,250.00
ILDaman, Bob & Linda$75.00
MDHall, Wally$5,000.00
CACunningham, John & Norma$10.00
Varipana, Andy$100.00
Arend, Dennis$100.00
Amazon Smile Foundation$23.85
NJHowell Lanes & Johnny Petraglia$2,800.00
CAJones, Ladine$380.00

Honor Contributions

MIMichigan State (MI) USBC WBABarney Eagan
OHTrott, GeraldCarl Musgrove
MIMichigan State (MI) USBC WBAJane Ryefield
CTEastern Connecticut USBCFrancoisi, Calbo, Erpenback
MIMichigan State (MI) USBC WBAWes Gibson
ILBaker, DarleneRichard Pitsch