BVL Proud: Supporting Our Veterans at the Winter Sports Clinic

Providing veterans with an opportunity to try a sport after overcoming an illness or injury is the goal of the National Veterans Winter Sports Clinic (WSC) — a goal shared by long time sponsor BVL.  Now in its 32nd year, the WSC offers veterans a chance to learn new sports and test their skills in a variety of different activities– from skilling to hockey to bowling.

Held annually each spring in Snowmass, CO, the Clinic brings veterans, volunteers and instructors to work together to build new skills and learn how to incorporate adaptive techniques in familiar sports.

Veterans eligible to participate have one of the following: Spinal Cord Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injury, Orthopedic Amputations or Visual Impairment.

Sandra Eckert, President of the Fort Collins, CO USBC has been a long-time representative for BVL at the Clinic, but her previous experience has not diminished her enthusiasm for the event.  “Every year, it gets better and better; and every year my respect and admiration for the athletes grows and grows,” says Sandy.  “You cannot help but be impressed with, for instance, Pete Zimmer, a 92-year-old who rode down the slopes, or Preston, although confined to a wheelchair, did not want to use a bowling ramp, but instead try his skills throwing the ball from the side of his chair.”

This year, the Clinic features more than 10 different opportunities to participate in a variety of activities including: Skiing – Nordic and Alpine, Snowmobiling, Curling, Bowling, Fly Fishing, Ice Hockey and Rock Climbing.

“I’m proud and humbled to be part of this event,” recounts Sandy.  “I keep telling the BVL supporters how important their role is in giving our veterans a new lease on life.  When your $50 donation or your work on the annual BVL fund-raising tournament turns into a life-changer for a veteran who was thinking he or she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fun and competition and camaraderie that sports can bring, it’s worth every dollar and hour you put into BVL.”

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